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Eco-Friendly Commuting
Effortless Riding
Extended Battery Life

Experience Unmatched Versatility with the V20 Bike

Conquer any terrain effortlessly with the V20 bike, your ultimate choice for versatile riding experiences. This bike is purpose-built to navigate diverse road conditions from smooth roads to challenging 20 to 30-degree inclines. Stand out with the V20's exceptional features.

Featuring 7-speed options, the V20 offers the flexibility for throttle operation or pedal-assist riding allowing you to tailor the speed to your preferences. Elevate your riding experience with the V20 – the perfect blend of convenience and speed for a remarkable journey.

Explore the endless possibilities with the V20 bike – where convenience meets speed. Rest assured our product holds international safety certifications, ensuring a secure and thrilling ride. Benefit from global shipping and order yours now to embark on a seamless and exhilarating biking adventure!

Shock Absorbers

V20 is equipped with dual front and rear shock absorbers, as well as a dual hydraulic disc brake system for both front and rear wheels, offering the optimal riding experience.


V20 is fitted with off-road tires designed for long commutes and urban landscapes, ensuring stability and safety on both smooth roads and challenging terrains.

Ability to Handle Slopes

Capable of climbing steep slopes with a gradient of up to 20-30 degrees.

Smart Display

V20 is equipped with a multifunctional display screen that provides real-time information.

Key Features

Multiple Speed Modes Throttle Control

V20 features 7-speed options, available for throttle operation or pedal-assisted riding, with a top speed of 25-45 kilometers per hour.

Easy Charging Removable Battery

We use high-quality Grade A removable batteries with an intelligent battery management system, making charging a breeze. The 48V 15ah battery can travel 30-60 kilometers in different speed modes.

Efficient Motor and Battery Functionality Safety Assurance

We employ a 750W motor for comfortable and secure riding. The battery is waterproof and dustproof, with a cycle life of over 1000 charges.


Top Speed | 25-45 KMH
Range | 60 km
Charge Time | 4-8 hours
Battery | 48V 15ah
Motor | 48V 750W
Throttle | Twist Throttle
Gearing & Rear Derailleur | Single Speed

Vehicle Weight | 37kg
Length x Width x Height | 165 x 68 x 110 cm
Load Capacity Max | 150 kg

Frame | Aluminum alloy
Brake | Rear drum brake with power-cut feature
Grip | Rubber
Tires | 20*4'' off-road wide tires

Head Light | Yes
Tail Light | Yes
Horn | No