Scooter W4 Pro
Scooter W4 Pro
Scooter W4 Pro
Scooter W4 Pro
Scooter W4 Pro
Scooter W4 Pro
Scooter W4 Pro
Scooter W4 Pro

Scooter W4 Pro

可以在Hong Kong取貨 通常 2-4 天內準備好

Scooter W4 Pro


Hong Kong

提供接送服務, 通常 2-4 天內準備好

9 Kin Fat Street
Room 1327, 13/F, Chao's Industrial Building
Tuen Mun
新界 香港特別行政區

Eco-Friendly Commuting
Effortless Riding
Extended Battery Life

Adopt a More Effortless Lifestyle with the Chill Club Rider Scooter W4 Pro

Embark on your inaugural life adventure with the Chill Club Rider Scooter W4 Pro initiating a journey of convenience and style. The innovative folding design ensures effortless storage making the W4 Pro electric scooter your key to a hassle-free lifestyle.

Order now and stand out as the trendiest urbanite in the neighborhood. Elevate your lifestyle with the Chill Club Rider Scooter W4 Pro – where simplicity meets style!
Rest assured our product holds international safety certifications, guaranteeing a secure and stylish ride. Benefit from global shipping and embrace a new chapter of effortless urban commuting!

Dual Brake System Guarding a Safer Riding Experience

Front wheel E-ABS anti-lock system, rear wheel large disc brake, can brake simultaneously, shorten the braking distance, and make riding safer.

Brakes Illuminate

Press the brake handle instantly, and the taillight will automatically light up to warn the vehicles behind, enhancing driving safety.

High-intensity Headlight Illuminate the Night Road

In the startup state, one click can illuminate, effectively illuminating a distance of up to 6 meters, escorting your ride in dim light conditions.

Maximum Climbing Angle: 15°

The achievable distance is the theoretical maximum mileage obtained through testing by a 100-pound test rider on level ground at normal temperature while maintaining a steady speed. Actual mileage may vary due to factors such as rider weight (personal weight, presence of a child), terrain (uphill and downhill, frequent stops at traffic lights), temperature, etc. Each individual's ride experience can be different and may exhibit some degree of variation.

Key Features

3 Gears of Adjustable Power

Switch faster or go farther with ease. Simply press the button twice in succession to switch, allowing you to easily adapt to different riding environments.

Quick 3-Second Folding

A traveler in the car trunk Just one twist, one press, one lock, and you can quickly fold it up, solving the troubles of carrying and storage, and easily putting it in the trunk. The body is made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy material with low density and high strength, and the whole vehicle weighs as light as 14.2 kilograms. Anytime, anywhere, easy to carry.

Equipped with Energy Recovery System

Longer-lasting Endurance During the driving process of the Chill Club Rider Scooter W4 Pro, pressing the brake or releasing the throttle will activate the energy recovery system, converting part of the kinetic energy into electrical energy for storage and utilization, effectively increasing endurance.


Top Speed | 25 KMH
Range | 30 – 40 km
Charge Time | 4 Hours to Reach 100% State of Charge
Battery | 36V 10.4ah
Motor | 350W
Throttle | Twist Throttle
Gearing & Rear Derailleur | Single Speed

Scooter Weight | 12.5 kg
Length x Width x Height | 110.5 x 43 x 113.7 cm
Recommend height | 3' 11.2" - 6' 6.7"
Load Capacity Max | 150 kg

Frame | Aluminum alloy
Brake | Rear drum brake with power-cut feature
Grip | Rubber
Tires | 8.5'' Solid Anti-Explosion tires

Head Light | Yes
Tail Light | Yes
Horn | Yes