Frequently Asked Questions

Safety & Security

As a company based in Hong Kong, we understand the challenges of theft and stolen items. It's essential to consider protecting your product from loss or theft. Whether you live in an urban or rural environment, there's no shortage of people who would love to have a Chill Club Rider. It only takes a few seconds for someone to take away your cherished possession. Here are some recommendations we provide for safeguarding your Chill Club Rider:

Invest in a High-Quality Lock

We recommend investing in a high-quality and durable lock to protect your bicycle when you're not riding it.

Document the Appearance

Take photos to document the entire appearance and features of your product.

Install a GPS Tracker or Purchase an Alarm

Consider installing a GPS tracker or purchasing an alarm system to prevent your Chill Club Rider from being stolen.

Specifications & Features

Short answer - no.

These do not require a license to use, but we always recommend checking with your local and state e-bike laws to confirm laws and requirements on e-bikes in your area!

* Please note that as of now, laws regarding electric bicycles and bicycles are not officially legalized in Hong Kong. Eexpected to be legalized by the end of 2023. Riders are strongly advised to comply with the law once it is in effect.

All bikes are designed for riders who are 5’5'’ to 6’5’’.

The max payload of bike is 150kg.

Battery charge times vary based on the type of battery and charger used. 


Adventure E1 = 4-8 Hours

Z8 = 4-8 Hours 

V20 = 4-8 Hours  

Kids bike K1 12 inch = 2.5-3 Hours , 16 inch = 5-6 Hours

To ensure and maximize the battery's lifetime, try not to charge for over a 24-hour period. Always make sure the battery is turned off when not in use and when charging. Also, make sure your battery is off when unplugging and plugging the battery back into the bike

WARNING: If you charge the battery while it is on, or plug it into the bike while it is on - you will risk frying the battery.

Of course! Chill Club Rider’s bike are meant for path less traveled.

It was our mission to take you places you couldn’t otherwise venture. Remember to take extra care of your bike and do regular maintenance to ensure years of experience.

Every model in the line-up is equipped for ripping in the rain, snow and sand. Some are better than others, when considering riders comfort and slope climb variety. 

Each model comes with high quality waterproof rated components, meaning that the bike is waterproof / dustproof. That said, your Rig should be completely fine tackling the rain, snow and sand. 

We recommend washing down you bike after any off-road adventure. Give your rig the love it deserves. It is not necessary but is recommend to take it in once a quarter for a tune-up.

Every Product comes 90% assembled and only requires a few simple steps.

We include all the items you need in the packaging box. You can easily assemble the product by following the comprehensive assembly manual provided by us.

You’ll be ripping your RIG in minutes!